Our Story
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Our Story

From Humble Beginnings

Rick and Becky Olmstead were full-time teachers and part-time pastors of a small Calvary Chapel in Tehachapi, California. In the midst of a cross-country road trip, they stopped to eat at Shakey’s Pizza in Cheyenne. On their way out of town, Rick felt God calling him to lay down the life he had planned for himself and plant a church. After much discussion, prayer and multiple confirmations of this call, Rick and Becky took a risk, said “yes” to God and moved to Fort Collins in 1982. Along the way, God miraculously provided people, finances, and all they needed to get started.

The church has grown from very humble beginnings; at first, we met in the Olmstead’s home with only seven people. Throughout the years, we’ve gathered together to experience the presence of God in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Blevins Junior High School and even City Park. We are now proud to worship in our own building on Riverside Avenue.

Rick is humbled to consider the glory of God’s plan for this church. Rick was not likely to succeed—growing up without a dad, moving from family to family during high school and raising two teenage brothers while in his early 20’s. But our God is not impressed by the odds. He chose a nobody from the streets of Los Angeles to become a pastor to the nations. Our story reveals the wonder of God’s love and provision for his children.