Jesus said some pretty crazy things.

Every now and then, reading the gospels, you come across red letters that are so wild, so audacious, so empowering that it seems totally unreal or unbelievable. Things you might be tempted to skip over. 

Join us for this 12-part study as we dig into some of the most encouraging, provocative, and challenging teachings in the Bible... straight from the heart of Jesus. 

Sundays at 9am + 10:45am
February 7 – April 25
In-Person + Online

Small Groups

Join a small group to keep the discussion going after Sunday services. With so much isolation during COVID, we need community now more than ever! And it's so important not to tackle these challenging scriptures alone. We have groups that meet in-person and some that meet online.


Daily Devotional

Download our eBooks to dig deeper. Each eBook contains 21 days of daily devotionals:

  • eBook 1 Feb 7 - Feb 27
  • eBook 2 Feb 28 - March 20 
  • eBook 3 March 21 - April 10
  • eBook 4 April 11 - May 1 

Email Invitations

Join us Sunday at 
9am + 10:45am

1201 Riverside Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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