Becky Olmstead uses her own experiences to remind us that God is generous and that we are invited into God's extravagant generosity. All we need to do to participate is to ask God for the opportunity and the courage.

Jeff Faust reminds us that Jesus wants complete freedom for each and every one of us. When money is your master you are driven to accumulate, never to be satisfied with what God has for you. It is not possibly to serve both God and money. Only Jesus can be the center of your heart.

Rick Olmstead shares why it takes courage to be generous in the world we live in. God doesn't need our money, but he wants our hearts. When God is first in our lives, everything else comes into order!

Vineyard of the Rockies

Join us Sunday at 9am or 10:45am

1201 Riverside Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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