A Life of Significance

Paul finishes the book of Romans by listing some of the most impactful people in his life & ministry. As we read through these names, what can we learn about who impacted Paul and how that influences us today? Join us as we ask the question: What defines a significant life?

Rules of Regifting

Have you ever sneakily regifted a scented candle or book you didn't really like for the office Secret Santa? That might be frowned upon in polite society, but regifting spiritual gifts is actually part of God's design for the Body of Christ.

A Living Sacrifice

Jeff continues our series in Romans by looking at one of the most famous passages in the New Testament. What does it look like to ‘be a living sacrifice’ and how might that impact our lives today? Join us as we explore the Gospel together and what it means to live for God every breath of every day.

How Beautiful are the Feet of the Messengers

Is it hard or easy to become a Christian? Listen in as Bristow talks about what it means to become a Christian.

God's Way

In Romans 9 & 10, Paul explains that many of God's people had rejected GOD'S WAY of salvation and opted to rely on their works instead of faith in Christ. This made Jesus a stumbling stone instead of their cornerstone. Two millennia later, we often fall into the same trap and try to earn our way into God's family.

No Fear (audio only)

Romans 8:15-19 tell us that we no longer have a spirit of fear when we put our faith in Jesus. We are children of God and heirs to His throne sharing in His glory for eternity. Natalie talks about how our life with Jesus impacts how we respond to fear. You no longer have to fear what is to come when you put your faith in Jesus.

Be Set Free

As we continue our series in Romans, Jeff explores the power dynamics at play when it comes to your personal walk and sanctification process. Join us and learn about how to defeat sin in your life, be set free, and experience a newness of life with Christ.

Your Salvation Includes...

As we continue our series in the book of Romans, Jeff looks at the promises of our salvation found in Christ. Romans 5 teaches us that because of our faith in Christ we a promised blessings, trials, and a newfound hope for all that Christ has done. Listen in as we discover these promises together and explore the beauty of our salvation.

Justified by Faith

Jeff continues our series in Romans by introducing the theological truth of ‘Justification by Faith.’ For 2000+ years this doctrine has taught believers how important our faith is in the eternal work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Listen in as we explore the promise of ‘justification by faith’ and how it applies to your life today.


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