Todd Beilman closes out our series on Words That Can Change Your Life discussing the difficulties people face both giving and receiving help. We are called to reflect Christ in lovingly serving others, but it’s also possible to take this to an unhealthy extreme. “Help” explores the courage in accepting the service of others.

Zach Gurley discusses the word “Sorry” and how it is a significant part of the Bible in the form of repentance. No matter how many messes we make, we can continue to repent to God and apologize to those we hurt because love keeps no scorecard. We are on the same team!

Geoff Cowles explains that the word “wow”, often used to express astonishment or admiration, should continually describe our response to God’s character. When we truly come to understand his faithful, forgiving and redemptive heart towards us, we can finally appreciate the greatest “wow” of all: the invitation to follow him and become a new creation.

Rick Olmstead explains that we were created to understand and adopt God’s “Yes” mindset—of special significance on our 35th birthday! This “Yes” approach to love is established in the promises of Scripture, all of which are met in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We need only say “Yes” to him. 

Sorry! Due to technical difficulties, we do not have a recording from this talk. Jack gave a similar talk in Windsor. Check it out!

Rick Olmstead opens our series by discussing the power of “No” in preventing overloaded schedules, impossible promises, and hectic living. The benefits of “No” are best demonstrated in the lives of Scripture’s most influential figures. Weaving together compelling biblical examples and practical application, Rick will challenge you to better implement this word in your daily life.

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