On Sunday Becky spoke to us about Extravagant Generosity. She talked to us about different mindsets that culture tells us to adapt and then the mindsets that the bible tells us to adapt about the world and generosity.

As we move towards Thanksgiving, Becky Olmstead tells us of the benefits of living a life of thankfulness. It changes our emotions, our perspective, and our attitude. It helps us deal with life’s problems and to remain focused on God.

Becky Olmstead challenges us with the question: Are we passing on and out blessings or curses? Be a person who looks for ways to bless others. The older generation should bless the younger and the younger generation should bless the older. Let’s be a church that affirms and encourages each other! A place where all generations are valued.

Becky Olmstead uses her own experiences to remind us that God is generous and that we are invited into God's extravagant generosity. All we need to do to participate is to ask God for the opportunity and the courage.

Becky Olmstead honors her mother, a woman who passed on a legacy of faith to her daughters. In John, Jesus calls himself a “good shepherd”. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, but he gives us life. We’re like sheep: lost easily, defenseless and filthy. Jesus guides us, provides for us and protects us.

Vineyard of the Rockies

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