Jeff starts our new series, Mountaintops, with one of the more famous experiences: Moses climbing a mountain to spend time alone with God. We learn of God’s compassion, mercy, incredible love, forgiveness, and righteousness. Jeff encourages us to pray, as Moses did, for God to show us his glorious presence.

A week after announcing major transition in our church, Rick and Jeff remind us of Gods faithfulness and their prayer for our church as we move forward together.

As the Vineyard of the Rockies is going through major transitions, Rick shares the time in which God directed Samuel to anoint David as the new king of Israel. God chose David, a young man no one else chose, and then continued to raise him up to be king. When God chooses us, how will we respond? Will we be patient and trust him to carry out his plan through us?

Jeff takes us through Nehemiah and the Jews finishing the walls around Jerusalem. They met opposition in the form of enemies attempting to pull Nehemiah from the work (distraction), threatening to slander Nehemiah’s name to the king (dishonor), and to get him to hide from false threats (distraction). Nehemiah stayed on task using dedication, directness, and discernment. Jeff encourages us to do that same as we take a stand with God in our lives.

Jeff Faust asks us to consider that we are called to follow the Great Commission, all of it. Jesus has the authority and passion to help us every step of the way. We can pray specifically for people we know, party with our neighbors to meet them and develop relationships, and share the gospel so others can begin to follow the Great Commission as well. Jeff challenged all of us to work to lead one person to Christ over the next year.

Jeff Faust looks in Matthew 13 at two parables Jesus shared with his disciples—the parable of the tiny mustard seed growing into the largest of garden plants and the parable of the yeast used in making bread—to illustrate how the Kingdom of God grows, the promises from God about its growth, and how we can partner with God during this process. Jeff challenges us to ask ourselves who God is inviting us to become and then plan what we can do TODAY to take steps toward that reality. What kind of seeds can we plant today—and what kind of small beginnings can we start today?

Jeff Faust reminds us that the Gospels teach us that when Jesus came and walked on this earth—that he defeated sin and death.  When Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected to new life, He won… but the affects of sin still haven’t been completely eradicated—and we are now in this tension, this waiting period, before Jesus returns to make all things right.  As we look around us we can see and understand this: there is still sin, still pain, still death.

Jeff Faust reminds us that although we live in tension, we must persevere into everything that God has for us as best as we can. We must have faith and have an expectation for the Kingdom now. We must be willing to risk to see God’s Kingdom break into our lives with His power and with His presence.

Jeff Faust navigates the different tensions that we live in and read about with the Kingdom of God. God’s Kingdom is simply, His Rule and His Reign. If we want to look at what life would be like with Jesus as King—we don’t need to look very hard because it’s already here! What would your life look like if Jesus was truly king of your life?

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