Jeff Faust reminds the younger generations that they need to be honest in their approach to the older generations. If younger generations are going to be in relationship with the generation above them, it’s important to live authentic and transparent lives. As a church we need everyone on board—we need everyone playing a part.

Jeff Faust teaches that baptism is dying to ourselves and joining Christ in the new life he offers to us. We can’t out-dream God’s plans for our lives, we can’t out-purpose his purpose for us on this earth, and we will never find a spiritual adventure like the one God has prepared for us.

Jeff Faust shares that one of God’s primary emotions when he thinks about us is his utter and complete delight in who we are. We are God’s masterpiece. Jesus takes us from rejected to chosen, from sinner to saint... and he will leave us forever changed.

Jeff Faust explains that when you encounter Jesus, he begins to transform you and change the way you see things, your relationships, your heart and your life. We are called to sit at Jesus's feet. If you position yourself as His disciple—experience His love, His voice, His word, His presence, and His call on your life and you will be forever changed.

Jeff Faust introduces three "Ted Talks" from church members in different parts of the workforce. We discuss the WHY so that our work is inspired, fruitful and cause-driven. We discuss the WHO to discover who we serve when we can’t see God. We discuss the HOW in order to take the mundane from our work lives and turn it into Kingdom work.

Jeff Faust reminds us that Jesus wants complete freedom for each and every one of us. When money is your master you are driven to accumulate, never to be satisfied with what God has for you. It is not possibly to serve both God and money. Only Jesus can be the center of your heart.

Jeff Faust opens our Christmas series by focusing on the gifts from the wisemen. The nature of the gifts, the symbolism of the gifts and the prophetic forth-telling of the gifts that were given to Jesus. He reminds us that Jesus came to be our King, he came as our priest and he came to die our death.

Jeff Faust reminds us that God has made us to belong in the body of Christ with our different gifts. It’s not right to honor one gift above the next—it’s not right to think you are more significant than another—it’s not right to try and go it alone because we’re a body—and we all have a significant role to play!

Vineyard of the Rockies

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