Mehgan Castor tells the story of the blind beggar who was seen and heard by Jesus and his life forever changed. He went from being a despised, despicable, rejected beggar on the side of the road, to be a companion of God in a moment. Jesus shows us that real change comes from encountering Him.

Mehgan Castor reminds us that our soul needs rest and finds rest in God alone. If you're tired, worn out or burned out let him recover your soul. We must reject the seduction of busyness and allow time to reflect.

Mehgan Castor takes us through the "love chapter" in Corinthians. You've heard it all the time at weddings. The early church was obsessed with gifts, but Paul reminds them that these supernatural gifts, without love, were worthless! Love is more than sex or romance. It's not an emotion, it's a verb; it's what you do.

Mehgan Castor dives into our study on Corinthians by reminding us that we are not meant to stay in the beginning stages of our faith. God wants us to grow in spiritual maturity because it brings unity to the body of Christ! Paul teaches that spiritual maturity has little to do with theology, but has everything to do with the way that people treat one another.

Vineyard of the Rockies

Join us Sunday at 9am or 10:45am

1201 Riverside Ave
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