Rick takes us through the next chapter of Nehemiah’s journey, in which Nehemiah has to confront trouble from within Jerusalem instead of without. When he discovers that Jews are exploiting Jews, he deals with his anger, speaks with the leaders, confronts his people and reminds them of their accountability to God. Rick uses Nehemiah’s example to inspire us to stand up for people around us, and to join others who are already doing the same.

Rick Olmstead takes us through the portion of Nehemiah’s story when he first faced opposition. Nehemiah was already all in, so he refused the option of backing off, of turning and running. Instead, he prayed, planned, acted, and trusted God to win the day. He demonstrated for us that while critics demoralize, Godly leaders encourage. They don’t just point the way, they go the way!

Rick takes us through Nehemiah’s bold shift from king’s cupbearer to the leader of Jerusalem's restoration. He saw a need, made a plan, boldly asked God and the King Artaxerxes for what he needed. When he received everything he asked for, he traveled to Jerusalem, surveyed the damage, revitalized the people, and confronted his enemies. With Nehemiah’s example, Rick encourages us to pray about what God is doing, look for opportunities with other people, and start praying our Nehemiah-sized prayers.

Rick Olmstead introduces a new series on the book of Nehemiah. In part one, Rick points out how Nehemiah cared enough to ask, cared enough to weep, cared enough to pray, and cared enough to act.

Rick Olmstead reminds us how our relationship with our dad deeply affects us. Many of us have a difficult time picturing what a father is supposed to be, but God is the ultimate example of fatherhood.

Rick Olmstead encourages this generation to fulfill their destiny and the purposes God has in store for them. Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young. This is your church – rise up and respond to the call!

Rick Olmstead reminds us that we have the privilege of joining with God in a great adventure of raising up the next generation of world changers.

Rick Olmstead explains why the older generation shouldn't just pass the baton to the younger generation, but instead we should create the future together. God is raising up a courageous generation of young people who follow Jesus and want to make a difference in our world and they need our encouragement and empowerment.

Rick Olmstead asks us to open our eyes to the generation that God is raising up right before us. Do we see them? Who is overlooked and set aside that we don't notice? The generation around us can't get to the table on their own, they need to be invited!

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