Rick Olmstead reminds us that even though Jesus meets us where we are, he does not want us to stay there. He has so much more for us! The only way to get it is surrendering all we have and all we are to him today.

This Easter, Rick Olmstead reminds us just how powerful the resurrection of Jesus is. It's everything! Jesus alone has power to free you from your guilt, shame and addictions, to provide for you, to give you hope and a future. He wants to use you to make a difference in the lives of others and our world.

Rick Olmstead tells the story of the two criminals on the cross beside Jesus. One was full of pride, hate and blame and the other with humility and brokenness, seeking God’s mercy and grace in his last moments. What will we do with Jesus—will we see what he has done for us and allow him to change us forever from the inside out?

Rick Olmstead reminds us that God wants us to find life in our work. No job is too plain/worldly for God when done for his glory. Whatever your work situation, God wants to bring you hope and life in the midst of it.

Rick Olmstead explores what it is like to work for God, not your boss. For some, a job is a prison door that clangs shut every Monday and they have to wait until Friday for it to open again. God is with you always and invites you to join him in the great things he is doing in your life, especially at work!

Rick Olmstead shares why it takes courage to be generous in the world we live in. God doesn't need our money, but he wants our hearts. When God is first in our lives, everything else comes into order!

Rick Olmstead talks about where we've been and where we are headed as a church. God has a race for us to run in 2018 and Rick reminds us, "You can’t run my race nor can I run yours... but we can run together."

Rick Olmstead reminds us that the Gospel gives us power to live a full life with the hope of heaven. It gives us the power to be transformed and overcome. It gives us power to transform others and usher in God's Kingdom!

Rick Olmstead has a message for our church: stop the madness! We need to break down unnecessary barriers that drive people away. Paul tells the Corinthians to worship in a “fitting and orderly way”. We must avoid insider language, be understandable, create space for outsiders and make what we do accessible, without compromise!

Vineyard of the Rockies

Join us Sunday at 9am or 10:45am

1201 Riverside Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80524
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