Rick Olmstead provides some background on the prophet Elijah. Elijah was a paradox of power and weakness, faith and fear. He came out of nowhere! When God called Elijah out, it meant taking a stand. Alone. As followers of Jesus, we dare not shrink back into the scenery, but stand out for God!

Rick Olmstead explains that we were created to understand and adopt God’s “Yes” mindset—of special significance on our 35th birthday! This “Yes” approach to love is established in the promises of Scripture, all of which are met in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We need only say “Yes” to him. 

Sorry! Due to technical difficulties, we do not have a recording from this talk. Jack gave a similar talk in Windsor. Check it out!

Rick Olmstead opens our series by discussing the power of “No” in preventing overloaded schedules, impossible promises, and hectic living. The benefits of “No” are best demonstrated in the lives of Scripture’s most influential figures. Weaving together compelling biblical examples and practical application, Rick will challenge you to better implement this word in your daily life.

Rick Olmstead observes that in difficult times, some well-meaning Christian comes along with annoying Christian advice: “God will never give you more than you can handle.” But God never said that! Scripture says you can’t do it on your own… you need God! It teaches us to depend on his presence and experience his power.

Rick Olmstead can’t think of another Easter in history when people needed more hope. We wonder, “Is there anything I can count on?” Well, we can count on the resurrection! What does this new life mean for us? Our future is not at risk! Our past is not unforgivable! The best is yet to come!

Rick Olmstead wonders how the cross, a brutal method of execution, has become a fashionable accessory. Jesus endured that brutal execution for us. Often, we ignore our sin. Or try to earn our way to heaven. Or just give up. But what we need is the “self-substitution of God” or Jesus to take our place.

Rick Olmstead asks, “Who is Jesus?” Everybody has their own opinion. Following Jesus requires a measure of faith, but not BLIND faith. There is evidence for Jesus. Contemporaries wrote about him. The Bible points the way to him. He claimed to be God, demonstrated God-like power, offered forgiveness, received worship and rose from the dead!

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