Rick Olmstead talks to us about the third, traditional theme of Advent: Joy. It's a difficult topic for many people as the holiday season can be a source of hardship and sorrow. And yet God moves us through our pain to find his joy, just like Jesus. And we can claim that joy, no matter where we are in life!

Jeff Faust discusses Jesus as the King of Peace. We all have anxiety, fear and stress. Jesus offers the world a peace that surpasses everything. It is a peace that more than covers our circumstances and can fully comfort us. More that that, Jesus helps us become Peacemakers who can help others find that same peace.

This week Jeff launched us into our Christmas series titled, "Humble King." Through this talk, Jeff explains to us the tension of humility and royalty and how they are perfectly brought together in the person of Jesus.

Rick Olmstead takes us through the story of the Good Samaritan. Looking at the different characters of the story, he examines why each person did what they did. When a Jew was in obvious need, why did some help and some walk away? Rick then asks us about our generosity. Do we see the people around us whom we can help? To whom to we need to be a neighbor?

As we move towards Thanksgiving, Becky Olmstead tells us of the benefits of living a life of thankfulness. It changes our emotions, our perspective, and our attitude. It helps us deal with life’s problems and to remain focused on God.

Jeff Faust reminds us that when we worship, we must make sure we are truly worshiping God and not focusing on ourselves or the experience of worship. While we were created to worship, only God is worthy of worship. We can worship with our posture, our voice, and our heart. Remember: we are not the focus of worship. He is!

As we launch into a mini-series called, "Why We Worship", our Worship Pastor Matt reminds us of the truth that worship isn't equal to singing. Worship embodies a lifestyle take involves our soul, spirit, and body. He also speaks about the importance of gathering in community and singing to God with one another. Check out the video clip Matt mentions here.

Hear about Matthew 5 TED talk style from a few of our students in Residency Plus.

Jeff tells us about how he once heard God, like Elijah did, in a still, small voice. In both cases, it was a supernatural whisper with life-changing results. God loves to speak to us on such an intimate level today! Are you listening?

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