Rick takes us up with Peter, James, and John to see Jesus meet Moses and Elijah. It’s a major experience that Peter wants to prolong. Yet Jesus wisely comes down the mountain to meet someone who really needed a God experience. Without the mountain top experiences, we would not be ready for the valley. Without the valley, the mountain top experience would have much less value.

Rick takes us up Mount Sinai, with Moses, to see the burning bush. God calls Moses to do what Moses believes he can not do. God tells Moses, and also us, that with our God, we can do the impossible together.

Jeff takes us through the mountaintop story of God calling Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. It is a crazy request that Abraham nonetheless honors. God, after seeing Abraham’s faith, stops the sacrifice and uses the moment to massively bless Abraham. Jeff asks us about the tests that God puts us through, tests that are used to mature us and increase our intimacy with God. We all have our “Isaacs”, those things we don’t want to give up to God. Jeff challenges us to identify our own“Isaacs” and give them up. Maybe God will return them to us with increased blessings. Maybe he will take them and replace them with something better.

Jeff starts our new series, Mountaintops, with one of the more famous experiences: Moses climbing a mountain to spend time alone with God. We learn of God’s compassion, mercy, incredible love, forgiveness, and righteousness. Jeff encourages us to pray, as Moses did, for God to show us his glorious presence.

A week after announcing major transition in our church, Rick and Jeff remind us of Gods faithfulness and their prayer for our church as we move forward together.

As the Vineyard of the Rockies is going through major transitions, Rick shares the time in which God directed Samuel to anoint David as the new king of Israel. God chose David, a young man no one else chose, and then continued to raise him up to be king. When God chooses us, how will we respond? Will we be patient and trust him to carry out his plan through us?

Jeff takes us through Nehemiah and the Jews finishing the walls around Jerusalem. They met opposition in the form of enemies attempting to pull Nehemiah from the work (distraction), threatening to slander Nehemiah’s name to the king (dishonor), and to get him to hide from false threats (distraction). Nehemiah stayed on task using dedication, directness, and discernment. Jeff encourages us to do that same as we take a stand with God in our lives.

Rick takes us through the next chapter of Nehemiah’s journey, in which Nehemiah has to confront trouble from within Jerusalem instead of without. When he discovers that Jews are exploiting Jews, he deals with his anger, speaks with the leaders, confronts his people and reminds them of their accountability to God. Rick uses Nehemiah’s example to inspire us to stand up for people around us, and to join others who are already doing the same.

Rick Olmstead takes us through the portion of Nehemiah’s story when he first faced opposition. Nehemiah was already all in, so he refused the option of backing off, of turning and running. Instead, he prayed, planned, acted, and trusted God to win the day. He demonstrated for us that while critics demoralize, Godly leaders encourage. They don’t just point the way, they go the way!

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