Rick Olmstead begins our journey into Corinthians and reveals that today’s culture is very similar to the culture of Corinth. As a church, we must stand in love and unity with one another. Jesus loves the church. He died for the church. The church is the hope for the world. And when we don’t get along it breaks his heart.

Jeff Faust asks the question “What are you known for?” Are you different than other people because of God? Moses was set apart from other people by God. Vineyard of the Rockies is set apart from our community by God. Jeff challenges us to Read, Pray, and Pause in order to be set apart by God.

Rick Olmstead brings the story of Elijah to a close and reminds us that wherever we are, God will find us and often tell us to go back the way we came. The only way Elijah could move forward was to go back and finish what he left incomplete, to step into the dark places and bring the light of God’s presence.

Rick Olmstead continues the story of Elijah. He reminds us that the God of Elijah is all powerful and that the God of Elijah is our God. Even today God can use people, like Elijah, to do the impossible!

Putty Putman reminds us that Jesus has passed the baton to us. We are to extend the kingdom to the ends of the earth. God is looking to raise up people in our generation who will walk in the miraculous. It's time to take the Bible seriously!

Putty Putman reminds us that Jesus is what our faith is all about. He is the author and perfector of our faith and should be everything to us. Jesus shows us exactly what God is really like! We don't have to wonder—Jesus is God in clarity.

Rick Olmstead reminds us that God does not need us to perform miracles. He deliberately chooses to use us! God gave Elijah the courage to be used by him and Elijah's faith grew stronger to continue his good work.

Rick Olmstead illustrates the parallels between the story of Elijah and the widow at Zarephath and our own circumstances. The method of God's provision may change, but his promises do not. We need only fearlessly trust his commands, perfectly demonstrated by the obedience of this brave single mother and the faith of Elijah.

Rick Olmstead digs deeper into the story of Elijah. Leaders are born through difficult times and Elijah was no different! Sometimes God puts us through a "boot camp" to prepare us for bigger and greater things for his kingdom.

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