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January 21, 2024
The Friends

Jeff continues our sermon by looking at ‘The Friends,’ from Mark 2. Not much is said about these friends, but our unsung heroes were willing to carry their loved one, dig through a roof, and exercise their faith, just to get someone in front of Jesus. Simply put: let’s all be the kinds of friends who do whatever it takes to get people to Jesus.

January 29, 2023
Friendship Requires Sacrifice

‘There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ These words from Jesus only stay words until we realize that He paid the ultimate sacrifice for our eternal friendship. Because Jesus demonstrated this great love and showed us that true friendship requires sacrifice, we can ask ourselves this meaningful question: How can I sacrifice for my friends? Listen in as we wrap up our Love FoCo series on the marks of godly friendship.

January 15, 2023
Friends Stay Devoted

In this sermon, we study the friendship between the Old Testament friends: David & Jonathan. The devotion between these two was remarkable and something we can apply to our own lives. In their friendship we see an incredible bond, strong trust, and unwavering love. Imagine how our friendships would be impacted today if we applied these truths to our own lives?

January 23, 2022
Keep Pursuing

When we pursue one another in love, it’s a reflection of God’s love for us. The problem is, due to Covid, our fears and insecurities, or maybe our mental health—many of us struggle to keep pursuing others in love. What does the Bible say about pursuing one another and how can we commit to pursuing our spouse, our kids, and our friends? Join us as we discuss the beauty and Christlikeness of pursuing each other in love.

May 16, 2021
Spiritual Friends

Social media and the addiction to smartphones has slowly eroded our heart’s cry for deep and authentic connection. This week, Jeff preaches on what true spiritual friendship looks like: the value of finding it, forging it over time, and experiencing the depth of friendship with Christ.

August 25, 2019

In a society that pushes and praises individuality, we forget that we are at our best because of the people around us. We find life, humility, and belonging in community. We all have reasons to avoid it, but we will truly discover ourselves when we are with others.

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