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October 1, 2023
The Party of All Parties

There is a party that God is preparing for us in heaven that far surpasses even the greatest parties you can imagine on earth. Listen in as Jeff closes our series by looking at the ‘The Parable of the Great Feast.’ From this scripture we’ll learn about God’s eternal plan as well as how we can prepare our hearts today for all He has in store for us in the future.

September 3, 2023
Anxious about Money

Jesus talks about money all the time! Turns out there’s a good reason for this. Money can make us anxious, it can tie us down, it can even be consuming and distract us from Him. Natalie shares her own personal stories about anxiety around money and looks at an important teaching from Jesus that points us to him and away from our own fears, worries, and anxieties around money.

May 8, 2022
Money Over Treasure

As we continue our series ‘Money Over Value,’ Jeff explores the words of Christ from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus told us to give in secret, to give wholeheartedly, and to give with our hearts on the Kingdom above all else. Join us as we grapple with Jesus’ famous phrase: “Where your treasure is your heart will also be.”

February 13, 2022
Heaven Invades Earth

Is heaven just a place we go to when we die? How does salvation impact my everyday life? Why don’t I experience more freedom from my sin? Listen in as Jeff explores the biblical relationship between heaven and earth, what salvation means for us today, and how we can stand firm in the presence of our King.

June 20, 2021
Heaven Came Down

God's been revealing his character to mankind from the beginning, but it isn't always the easiest to see. Genesis 28 tells the story of Jacob's dream of a Hidden Staircase from Heaven covered in angels. Join us as we explore how this story connects to the past and to the future in Jesus.

July 5, 2020
Every Tribe, Every Nation

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