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December 5, 2021
The Unexpected King

Jeff starts a new series this week pointing to the birth of Jesus. Christ’s birth was foretold centuries before through the voices of the Old Testament but the hope and faith of many had grown dim under the oppression of various rulers and what we now call ‘The Silent Years.’ Let’s explore the unexpected nature of Christ’s birth together and keep looking for God’s unexpected movements in our own lives today.

August 8, 2021
Prophet, Priest and King

Who is Jesus, really? Everyone on planet Earth has heard of Jesus, but who is he really? And who did Jesus think that he was?! What did Jesus' Bible, the Old Testament, tell him about who he was? Three things: a Prophet, a Priest and a King. Let Jesus' own Bible tell you who Jesus really was!

July 18, 2021
The Gospel of Ezekiel

In this message, Jeff looks at the promise of the coming ‘Good Shepherd.’ Ezekiel 34 corrects the leaders of the day while pointing to the promise of the coming Shepherd-King who will rule with passion, care, tenderness, and justice. Listen in as we discover Jesus in the Old Testament and pray about how we can be more like Him.

November 8, 2020
Jesus is Still King

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