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March 17, 2024
What's the Payoff?

Jesus asked a lot of questions, and most of the time, there was a question under the question. In this week’s message, the scriptures point us to the value of our soul. ‘What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?’ Listen in as we discover God’s plan to heal, fight for, and redeem our souls.

October 15, 2023
The Heart of Christ

God’s heart for the poor is seen throughout scripture. From beginning to end you see how God is providing for our needs, healing our pain, and setting us free. This same heart is on perfect display in the life of Jesus and early in His ministry. Listen in as we’re reminded of ‘The Heart of Christ’ while we prepare to give generously to our mission partners at ‘Convoy of Hope.’

September 3, 2023
Anxious about Money

Jesus talks about money all the time! Turns out there’s a good reason for this. Money can make us anxious, it can tie us down, it can even be consuming and distract us from Him. Natalie shares her own personal stories about anxiety around money and looks at an important teaching from Jesus that points us to him and away from our own fears, worries, and anxieties around money.

May 22, 2022
Money Over Love

In our last sermon for this series, Jeff explores how we’re tempted to choose “money over love.” If left unchecked, money can impact our love for ourselves, for one another, and ultimately our love for Jesus Christ. Listen in as we hear God’s cautionary words around the love of money and His calling to live a life of contentment & generosity.

May 15, 2022
Money Over Impact

As we continue our series “Money Over Value,” Jeff explores how our generosity can impact the world. Join us as we explore 1 Timothy 6 which tells us to use our money for good while simultaneously enjoying all that God has given to us. How could we impact the world if we became radical givers and how does the local church play a part?

May 8, 2022
Money Over Treasure

As we continue our series ‘Money Over Value,’ Jeff explores the words of Christ from the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus told us to give in secret, to give wholeheartedly, and to give with our hearts on the Kingdom above all else. Join us as we grapple with Jesus’ famous phrase: “Where your treasure is your heart will also be.”

May 1, 2022
Money Over Maturity

As we kick off a new series, Jeff looks at some potential entanglements when it comes to money and our spiritual maturity. Jesus seemed to talk about money often and in this passage, we see that generosity is not only a journey but it’s directly tied to our spiritual maturity. Listen in as we once again commit ourselves to love God above all other things.

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