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June 16, 2024
God's Got This

God’s got this! Even when life is throwing fastballs at our heads, God is in control and at work in our lives. Trust God with your life. Don’t get bitter in the difficult times. God’s got this!

June 9, 2024
God's Rescue Mission

Jonah 2 teaches us a lot about how we can approach God, experience His rescuing nature, and respond to salvation. As we continue our series in the minor prophets, let’s explore the tension and invitation from God we see from inside the belly of the fish.

November 24, 2019
James 5 (Pt.II)

Jeff finishes our series in the book of James with just 2 verses at the end of James. He challenges us to share our faith with the people in our lives who have wandered from the faith and partner with God in what he is already doing in their lives.

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