Sunday 10.20.19


Call To Worship & Singing

Sermon (Jeff Faust)

Reflect & Next Steps

Responses & Singing

Dismissal & Sending


Fall Fest for Kids
Sunday, October 27 (during services)
Your kids are welcome to wear their Halloween costumes on this Sunday. We will celebrate fall with crafts and lots of fun. EMAIL ALLY for questions and details.

NoCo Night of Worship
Sunday, October 27, 6-8pm
Join the Vineyards of Northern Colorado for an evening of extended worship and prayer hosted at the Vineyard Church of the Rockies. Childcare available for children 5 years and under. EMAIL KIM to RSVP for childcare.

Parents Night Out
Saturday, November 2, 5-9pm
This is a great opportunity for the parents in our community. It’s a fun evening for you and your kiddos! All proceeds go towards the youth ministry fund. Register HERE and contact ALLY with questions.

Newcomer Lunch
Sunday, November 3, 12:30pm
If you are new to the Vineyard, this lunch is for you! This will be a fun opportunity to connect with Vineyard leaders and learn more about our church. RSVP NOW

Love Photography?
Use your passion to serve the Kingdom of God here, in your local church. Contact KORI PAIGE if you are interested in joining our Creative Team in capturing the story the Holy Spirit is telling through our church

King Soopers Rewards & Amazon Smile
Do you shop at King Soopers or Amazon? Part of every purchase can support VOTR youth and kids! It's no cost to you, and it's easier than ever⁠—no more reloading gift cards. Enroll here to get started:


Sermon Notes

James 1
by: Jeff Faust

The book of James is a fascinating book because you can tell that most of this book is highly influenced by Jesus’ messages.  I mean, as you read through James you see pretty quickly how uniquely tied it is to The Sermon on the Mount, for instance, one of Jesus’ most famous messages.

Why Am I Being Tested?

Who You Are

Who You Are Becoming

How do you respond to testing?

Blame & Complain
Avoid & Quit or Find Shortcuts

Humble Prayer
Steadfast Faith

God can see the beginning from the end in ways that we can’t always see.  He can see the beginning of our life from the end, He can uniquely see who we are today and who we are becoming in the future and like a good coach who presses you to grow, like a good father—who doesn’t rebuke you for asking but encourages you on the journey—He will come alongside of you and generously give His love, wisdom, guidance, and care every step of the way.

Next Steps

Whether you're new to the Vineyard or you've been around for years, there's a next step for you!

Small Groups

"Circles are better than rows."
Sundays at VOTR are great! But there's something more... something you can't get sitting in rows facing a stage. You need to sit in a circle with a few folks who can look in the eye and share life. Small groups are the perfect place to build friendships, discover your spiritual gifts, and grow in your relationship with Jesus. 

Fall small groups are already underway, but it's not too late to jump in. There are several groups that you can join today!


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