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September 11, 2022
Amateur Prophet

One of the most dangerous phrases in church history is: “God told me ___.” Believers have filled the ‘blank’ with all kinds of bizarre requests and commands and the aftermath can oftentimes be pain, heartache, or spiritual abuse. In some cases, it’s easier to avoid the prophetic at all costs; but then what do we do with verses like 1 Corinthians 14:1 that tell us to ‘earnestly desire the ability to prophesy?’ Listen in as Jeff preaches about the best ways to grow in the prophetic while still understanding the baggage behind ‘hearing God’s voice.’

August 28, 2022
Amateur Theologian

Calling All Amateurs! Theology can sometimes intimidate us from exploring the depths of Christ, the knowledge of God’s Word, and the power of God’s Kingdom but we’re all called to be (amateur) theologians. In this message, Jeff encourages us to reevaluate how we prioritize scripture in our lives. What would it look like and who could we become if we consistently consumed God’s word? Listen in as we continue our series together.

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